Pre-accreditation preparation

The various options for formal pre-accreditation preparation are given below. Formal pre-accreditation preparation is not mandatory. It is however strongly advised that all candidates refer to the resources accessible under the ‘Learning Resources’ tab.

In order to apply for accreditation each candidate is required to have a mentor. It is advised that candidates liaise closely with mentors regarding preparation.


All JAG approved courses are detailed and should be booked via the JETS website ( The courses specifically suitable to support BCSP accreditation are shown below;

20 Jun 2018Gloucestershire2 places left

If you do wish to attend a training day please arrange this before submitting your application. Please remember that, as detailed in the accreditation guidelines, that attendance at any preparation training should take place at least 6 weeks before an assessment date.

Ad hoc support sessions

The following BCSP assessors may also be able to arrange a one to one ad hoc sessions with you, these sessions are an individual arrangement between the screening centre and the candidate. Please be aware that where not specifically stated such arrangements may incur a fee.

Contact Andrew Chilton, Kettering for a Colonoscopy session (

Contact Tom Creed, Bristol for a Colonoscopy session (

Contact Mark Feeney, Torbay for a Colonoscopy session ( £500 per candidate (to cover staffing and list costs)

Contact Siwan Thomas-Gibson, St Marks, for a colonoscopy or Bowel Scope session ( £500 per candidate (to cover admin for honorary contract and list capacity)

Contact Stuart Riley, Sheffield for a colonoscopy or Bowel Scope session (

Contact Brian McKaig, Wolverhampton for a colonoscopy or Bowel Scope session (

Contact Jamie Barbour, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead for a Bowel Scope session (

Other support

You may wish to make an informal arrangement with colleagues who have already been through the BCSP Accreditation process to undertake DOPs with you.